About Hardlink IRC Use

We try very hard here at The Internet Hardlink Co to practice proper net manners when treating other IRC users. We do not allow users to flud, attack, or take over other people irc channels. These rules are all spelled out in our AUP and Service Agreement. We will terminate your account if we find that you have violated our polices

Hardlink IRC Info

We currently have several IRC servers running at our site. Some are open to the public, other are not.

Our default server is currently called IRC.NEUROFLUX.NET, it may soon be linked to: GalaxyNet. It would be called: Randolph.Mass.US.GalaxyNet.org.

Another one is called: Boston.MA.US.LittleNet.Org. They do a real nice job making sure that things stay clean for the younger users. It is linked to: LittleNet.

Hardlink Eggdrop Info

Many of our users desire to run eggdrops on our bot servers. We have three bot server that can be used for irc bots. They are:

PLEASE NOTE: Users will not have access to either of these two machines until After they have signed and returned their Service Agreement.

ALSO NOTE: hornet.hardlink.com is our SHELL server and is NOT to be used for running bots. You can use it to configure bots, read email, news, or surf the web, but any bots found running on hornet.hardlink.com will be killed.

Before you even think of running a bot here you should read the README file that comes with all eggdrop sources. It is informative.

We have already compiled and installed most version of bots for you. There is really no need to do this for yourself. We must have over 100 copies of the same eggdrop binary on our system. It is a real waste of time and disk space. You can find the bots that are installed by doing the following:

Just copy the eggdrop.conf file from the /usr/local/bin directory to your home directory and then run the eggdrop.

All you have to do is type the word "eggdrop" because the directory /usr/local/bin is in your env path. You could just as easily have typed "eggdrop1.1.4 -c eggdrop.conf" if you had wanted. It would have run the 1.1.4 version of the eggdrop software.

We have the newest version of eggdrop in the directory called: /usr/local/eggdrops

The eggdrop version can be tested with the -v command. You can simple copy the eggdrop.conf file from here, edit it to your needs and the run the eggdrop with this command:

/usr/local/eggdrops/eggdrop -c eggdrop.conf

There is more information for eggdrops below to get you going.

Extra Hardlink IRC/Eggdrop Info

We hope the following information will be helpful to you. We have broken the pages down into topics. If you do not find the topic that you are looking for, please let us know at: support@hardlink.net. or please call our technical support number: (781) 961-4982 .

Eggdrop Beginner Guide
This textfile has some nice information for the beginner Eggdrop user.
It was written by one of our users budro@hardlink.net. Thank him.

Eggdrop FAQ
This WebPage has some nice information for the beginner Eggdrop user.

Eggdrop Error FAQ
This WebPage has some nice information for people having problems with their eggdrops.

IRC/Eggdrop Help Site
Excellent site containing more IRC/BOT information than you could ever use. Check it out.

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