Some simple tips on getting listed on Search Engines

Everybody wants their sites webpages to come up at the top of the list whenever someone searches for the subject or product you are selling. Not everyone knows how to do this. We can help. We have put together several links that will help you register your page on a search engine, find out what your ranking is and give you hints on how to improve your ranking.

There are software products out on the Web that you can buy that promise you top listing on 300+ search engines. they are mostly a waste of your money. There are only really about 15 Search Engines that people go to. The others are to small to worry about. It takes less then half an hour to list your site on all the Search Engines by hand anyways.

Before you list your pages on any Search Engine you should make sure that you have properly configured your META TAGS. What are META TAGS you ask?. Well take a look at how Alta Vista indexes pages.

So the trick is to use the "keywords" in META TAGS to seed the Search Engine with the info you want your page to be located by. It is your chance to stack the deck and be found. All the major Search Engines use the META TAGS to index your site.

If your browser supports Java, there is a good site called that lets you add the major sites by hand. It makes adding yourself very quick. They also have another product that lets you get a quick ranking of you page on Search Engines. It is at: This is just the link to their free program. They also have versions that you can buy.

If you really want to know how your page ranks on Search Engines, then you should check out a site called: RankThis!. Excellent place.

If you want to know if your pages are in any Search Engines, you should check out Metacrawler. They will check out every Search Engine, Newsgroup, or file it can find for a reference of you.

Below are some links to the actual registration pages of Search Engines. You should go to each one and list your pages in the catagories that you want.

Links to Submission Pages Of Search Engines:

First the Major Search Engines....

Info Seek WebCrawler Hot Bot Lycos
Northern Light Excite Yahoo Alta Vista

Now the Minor Search Engines...

Starting Point WWW Worm Magellan CiberCentro
Galaxy i-Explorer WebVenture What's New Too
Infospace ProsperNet BizWeb Apollo
Self-Help Four 11 Corp. Open Text LinkMaster
Infohiway AAA World Announce Archive Nihongo Yellow Pages RescueIsland

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